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Links  to Cool Stuff for AII/AIMS Members 

Cool Stuff for Members

Collection of sites that provides information on Mystic weather, local tides and currents, wind, and the Race

Downloadable PDF version of the Skipper Certification Check-Off Sheet

Pre- and post-sail checklists as well as items for skipper pre-sail briefings

How to transmit and receive calls on the VHF radio, as well as protocols for making standard calls, Mayday calls, Pan Pan calls, and Securité calls

Directions for starting a 2-stroke outboard motor that uses a mixture of 2.6 ounces of outboard 2-cycle engine oil to 1 gallon of regular gasoline.

Principle use and identification of the U.S. Aids to Navigation System 

Outline of the "Rules of the Road" for boaters; explanation for how to identify stand-on  and give-way  vessels in a variety of situations

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